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Welcome to our site, if you are browsing our site that means you want to find Chinese restaurant, Mcdonald’s, Subway or other amazing places to eat near you, we have all types of restaurants on our site, you must choose your location first and than you will find nearby restaurants, we are working hard everyday to update our list, offers services for free, you will not be asked to purchase any service that we offer to our users. We want to make it easy for people to find nearby restaurants, right now our site includes big list of Indian restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese food restaurants, breakfast restaurants, fast food restaurants and many more, all we want is to make our site more comfortable and easier to use for our users, we are happy when we see new visitor to our site like you, you are always welcome here, this site is created for people like you who wants to find nearby restaurants, if you want from us to add new services or restaurants to our site you can always contact us by using this link


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There are many types of restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, fast food places like Mcdonald’s, Subway and many more, lot of people in United States did not know exact locations of this restaurants, we’ve created this site for people like this, we have very comfortable site for finding any types of restaurants, if you want to find all types of restaurants in your location you must choose your city in “select” menu, if you know exact name of restaurants and did not know it’s address you must use our websites search function, when you will type restaurant name in search box it’s address will appear on your screen, we also have featured restaurants , for this you must use our upper menu and choose restaurants from category, if you think we have missed some good restaurants you can contact us and inform about this using our contact form.