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China has many tourist attractions including delicious foods -an essential part of a good trip. Considering a long history, special characteristics, countless styles and excellent cooking methods, Chinese cuisine is one very important component of Chinese culture . Their dishes are well known for special shadessmelltasteflavor and appearance.

Here are are eight dishes which are the most favored by foreigners and the Chinese. to make it easier for clients, we also list what they are called in the Chinese language and how to pronounce them in English. they are the following: sugary and acid pork (chicken), kung po chicken, mapo doufu, wantans, dumplings, chūn juan also called as spring rolls , chow mein or stir-fried noodles and Peking duck. You can find these dishes in almost every large restaurant in china.

Regarding Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine incorporates styles which come from  the different regions of China, also from the Chinese living in other regions of the world together with most Asian nations. The history of the national cookery in China goes back for about thousands of years and has modified from time to time in every region differently according to the weather pattern, royal fashions, and community preferences. Gradually, many methods of cooking and ingredients from other  cultures and nations were adopted in the Chinese cuisine as a result of imperial extantion and from the commerce with neighbouring areas in pre-modern period, and later in the modern period from Europe and the New World too . we should say that , dairy is almost never used in Chinese recipes. With help of this article i found best Chinese food near me.

Food Culture in China

Courtesy and politeness is very important for Chinese people. Our food culture is deep seated in China’s history. When you visit a Chinese home or restaurant you will see that eating and table manners are necessary and the  characteristic courtesies showed by the Chinese will always make you feel more enjoyment of your meals and keep you in a good mood!


First of all-respect

one of the most praiseworthy tradition here is to respect other people at the table, including elders, teachers and visitors while looking after their children.

Chinese people always stress filial compassion. For many generations, there has been the practice of offering the best or more delicious food first to older people in the family. In the past the common people had a needy life but they still took care of the elder mother or father who were not appreciating it propperly.

though the hosts here are all warm ammiable and welcoming to visitors or guests, you should also show them appreciation and respect. when i want to find Chinese food near me i’m using only this website. for example, before you start to dine, the hostess can offer some greeting. Its very disrespectful and impolite of a guest to start eating until the host says, ‘Please help yourself’ or some phrase like that. If you want to find best Chinese food near you you must read this article.

The dishes on the table are always arranged in this order: The main courses at the center of the table and the supporting dishes placed around them. Sometimes the main dishes are prepared in a decorative way such as a cut or other different means, these meals  are always arranged so that they face the major guests and elders sitting at the table. This tradition also embodies respect.


About Chopsticks

China is the birthplace of chopsticks. They has been used as tableware for a long time and this tradition spread to many other countries worldwide for example Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Malasya, Singapore, Nepal, Laos, North Korea and South Korea. you also can find nearby restaurants here.

The creation of chopsticks shows how wise and rational ancient Chinese people were. A pair of chopsticks look quite simple, but actually they can peck, pinch, squeeze grip and stir food. Today, chopsticks are thought to be lucky gifts for marriage and other important events. there are very good places to eat and also best fast food places near you.

For further information, please click  Chopsticks.


At Important Events and Ceremonies

The birthday and its celebration is very important event in one’s life. When the hero of the day is young person, usually he eats noodles the day before his bithhday, as the long noodles symbolize the longevity in China, and he has a birthday cake on the following day. As he gets older, his birthday becomes grander. besides that, there are also used peaches in different forms, delightful couplets and candles, they represent longevity and eternal life in China . When i want to find food near me i’m using this website, you also can find best places to eat near you by using it.

On the wedding day, Chinese people always serve different types of dates, peanuts, longan and chestnuts in combination wishing the couple many children.

Returning home after long trip or departure from home are both very important to most Chinese people and there are some dining traditions associated with it. The return is greeted with noodles and off home as for a farewell, it is offered with dumplings. This is especially common in northeast part of China.


Dragon Boat Festival  is a traditional and statutory holiday in China . Dragon boat races are a major sporting event in many places, which competitors train hard for. during the celebration many eat zongzi, this is a pyramid-shaped rice dumpling. This traditional holiday commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan and the people throw Zongzi into the river as a food for fishes so that they wouldn’t eat Qu Yuan’s body. Nowadays there are many types and shapes of Zongzi .  The flavors of them are usually different from one region to another across China.

‘La Ba Zhou’ or laba festival is another important event in China. This is best places to find places to eat near you. It is celebrated on the eighth day of the one the eighth day of the La Month, the twelfth month of the Chinese calendar. Ancient times, monks would warmly share different types of grains with people and made them delicious porridge on this day. The Chinese still keep this tradition.

In Central China, when a woman gives birth, the happy father sends red boiled eggs to spread the news. If a boy is born, the eggs have a black pointed end and also dots in an even number for example four or ten, if its a girl, they don’t have a black point and are in an odd number as three or seven . This site is best place to find fast food near me.

Besides that, Chinese people serve fish on New Year’s Eve to suggest the combination of prosperity and well-being with meals.


Chinese Restaurants In New York

Chinese restaurants has been existing in New York for a long time. they represent the culinary traditions of almost every province in China. You can find different traditional dishes here from flaming Szechuan fare to a dim sum brunch. NYC has a wide range of Chinese restaurants to offer, from white-clothed Midtown ones to Chinatown restaurants, one can find the best for him . Many of the local restaurants are Chinese restaurants, you can find very tasty and delicious food there.