Fast Food Near Me




the best place to go, if you want fast-food cheeseburger
in order to find the best fast food near me, i started to look for the cheesburger place in town. because, according to the cheeseburger quality, you can find out which fast food chain is better. especially if we are talking about the fast-food restaurant specialised on burgers. i visited eight major fast-food chains that were nearby. i decided to make this experiment in one day. i think, you will not be surprised if i say, that it was great and horrible idea at the same time.
let’s make a quick review of the resaurants open near me: there are many chinese food near me, but you cannot eat them all the time, also there are many mexican restaurants near me that are not my favourite ones. but about the italian restaurants near me, i would say that they are pretty good, but too expensive. and i would say about the indian restaurants near me that they are not in my taste. all these are the most visited restaurants nearby, but from all buffets near me,fast food is very good decision, ecpecialy for those, visiting the town for the first time.
except the burgers, all the fast food restaurants near me now, i would consider as one of the best breakfast places near me, as they always have good coffee and some desert, that i never miss, if have some extra minutes during mu lunch time.
at all places, i ordered the standard cheeseburger, with the standard fixings), and then judged the results based on three things: taste, wait time, and price. i made this experiment on january 9th, 2013, in and around san diego, ca.
8. i will start with “big cheeseburger” byjack in the box
price: $2.30
composition:burger patty, ketchup, mayo, cheese, sesame seed bun
wait time: 1 min 49 seconds
my experience: so it is first fast food near me, that i will describe you from my point of view. and it took 8th place in my list. first what i saw, was the women, who met me at the counter, she was really disappointed with my order, and tried to make me change my mind, as she didn’t want me to order there standard cheeseburger. she was offering my other options. for example, sirloin cheeseburger, or the bacon ultimate cheeseburger. but i made the standard order of very standard cheeseburger. she finally gave up. “ok, well” said she.
maybe she was trying to change my mind because of the very simple taste of the standard cheeseburger. that i understood after eating my ordered one. it really made me think about my high school days. the taste was really nostalgic.
7. next: “big burger with cheese” of carl’s jr’s
price: $1.80
composition: ketchup, onions, mustard, pickles,american cheese, burger patty, sesame bun
wait time: 2 min 21 seconds
my experience: here also, friendly girl at the counter also tried to change my mind and by the fancier burger in there fast-food restaurant.let’s get to the point: their normal cheeseburger was very normal to me, except one problem inside of it. and this is onion, really badly placed in the middle of the cheeseburger. it sometimes was getting in your mouse fully, but sometimes youhad to eat only big onion slices. that’s why it doesn’t get farther in my burgers list.
6. “cheeseburger” from burger king
price: $1.21
composition: fire-grilled beef patty, american cheese, mustard,crinkle-cut pickles, ketchup, sesame seed bun
wait time: 5 min
my experience: real advantage is that it was the cheapest fast food near me, according to the cheapest burger on my list. and it is very important for fast-food lovers.with a damn good value, the entire build comes together nicely, in this burger you can really taste the flame-broiled meat through everything else. but another point is that, the mustard was too much for me and it overpowered the other toppings, but all in all, pretty good for every ordinary burger lover. besides of the burgers good price, the wait time was real disadvantage that i found. i waited five minutes in a not-crowded queue to get this cheeseburger, and while i appreciate that they’re making it fresh, i also want it to take on my way and in that case 5 minutes are really too much. but so far, this is one of the comfortable places to eat near me

5. “cheeseburger”from sonic
price: $3.88
composition: tomato, american cheese, pickle, shredded lettuce, chopped onion, beef patty, seedless bun
wait time: 4 min 45 seconds
my experience: nice mix of all burger elements! sonic was not bad. but i remembered this place with the commercials of two kooky guys on the walls and many milkshakes! i spent just several minutes there, and was pretty pleased after all the process. in general, it tasted like a serviceable backyard burger. the tomatoes were crisp and cold, and the bun was soft, but the patty was a little dry, and the shredded lettuce had wilted slightly, but what is important, all the elements played nice together. 5th place in my list. almost in the middle of it. so it is not bad result.

4. “cheeseburger” of mcdonald’s
price: $1.32
composition: beef patty, american cheese,chopped onion, ketchup, mustard, one pickle, seedless bun
wait time: under 2 min
my experience: ok, that’s mcd, the most nostalgic and classic restaurant near me., place of old classic burgers. i would even say: old and of my best and nostalgic memories of eating in high school.i remembered how i would always order two mickey d’s, before my real order. it was like a tradition. don’t judge me, i really loved it. anyway, it is classic and it can not be bad. once more, it was a nice little reunion with my old friend. and all ingredients remained the same familiar taste, including that one pickle inside, which was always appriciated by me for its uniqueness.

3. “dave’s hot ‘n juicy 1/4lb single”wendy’s
price: $4.32
composition: beef patty, bakery-style bun,tomato, lettuce, red onion, ketchup, mayo, american cheese
wait time: 2 min 37 seconds
my experience: from the nearby restaurants it took 3rd place.the funny thing was, that when i just asked for a “regular cheeseburger,” decided that i meant the higher price cheeseburger, and that was because of my expensive sweatants i guess, because he was really staring at them.and it paid off. it was the second most expensive burger i tasted, but it also had the distinction of tasting even more expensive, and non-fast-food burger. wendy’s burger, with the bakery bun, with the extremely melty american cheese, with more fancy and biting red onions inside , and the salty beef made me feel like i was visiting good restaurant in the city center. and want to mention that the service was very nice, as my order was ready in 2 minutes and some more second. so it was one of the food places near me, that has really fast service.