Food Places Near Me


During the past five months I visited more than 40 cities and so ate hundreds of meals of many quality: some of them were nice, some not very, and others really made me think, that it was worth leaving on this planet. This experiment showed me how delicious and diverse the food in America is. During my journey I visited almost all food places near me.

I decided to share my experience with everyone, so here is my list of top 21 restaurants in the United States. I chose the restaurants, where you can eat high quality, delicious and affordable food. So if once you appear in one of those cities, don’t forget to visit these restaurants.

According to the place where I live, all he restaurants near nearby are pretty good, but they cannot compete with those that I chose from whole US. For example, there is Chinese food near me that’s very small, also Italian restaurants near me, that are “very normal” and nothing more, or Indian restaurants near me, that are very specific. I almost never visit fast-food near me, I find it really fatty. So the restaurants near me now, are not enough.

The Daily Kitchen and Bar  in Richmond, VA — thisis the place that serves healthy dishes from a mostly organic menu, and also large-portioned salads, sandwiches, smoothies. They have high quality food, where they use local ingredients as far as possible. What is very important, they have really friendly staff. Comfortable environment with large, open windows, and an outdoor terrace. I think, it’s one of perfect places for lunch on a sunny day,unlike food places near me.

Tupelo Honey in Asheville, NC — ok, one more restaurant in our list is Tupelo Honey. It was recommended by many people to me, so I could not avoid trying it. What I didn’t like is, that prices were too high, more than I wanted to spend, you should pay $12 for the typical dish, but I liked that the food and service were worth this. But note thaton the weekends, lots of people come there, so you should get there early. The restaurant is famous for its Bloody Mary’s and country soul food. I was very pleased with my Super Southern Breakfast Bowl with grits, eggs,beans, and bacon.Unlike food places near me.

Little Bread in Miami, FL — this restaurant was recommended to me by a reader. They serve Cuban-inspired sandwiches. The food was cheap, filling, and yummy, and enough for a satisfying lunch. When it is busy, the service is a bit slow, but I think, that’s because everything is made with love.Again, unlike food places near me.

Fong’s Pizza in Des Moines, IA — one of my twitter users recommended me this restaurant.It is the restaurant that surprised me the most on my trip. It’s an Asian-inspired pizza parlor. I would never think that for example Crab Rangoon, Kung Pao Chicken, or Hunan Beef pizza would be good, but I should admit that I was wrong – it’s so phenomenal. So is the potato skin pizza. This restaurant serves a food combo that shouldn’t work together. But in fact it is perfect. Now, after visiting this place, I hope they open a branch in NYC soon!As I think that the diners near me will never make something close to it.

The Wandering Table in Spokane, WA — very simple restaurant, that was serving a small menu but very-delicious food. What I loved there very much was trout. Unlike the food, they have an extensive wine menu there, and also the bartenders can make extremely good Old Fashioned for you. I spent about $30 for my dinner, but should admit that it was worth it.

Tony’s Crab Shack in Bandon, OR — it was little seafood shack that was one of my favorite stops during the tour I heard about it from Yelp!, so special thanks to it.They serve inexpensive Pacific oysters (just $1.75 each) and very delicious fish tacos, so they typically run out! My friends and I kept ordering, because we couldn’t stop eating. Also you can get beer and wine here, even the staff is super friendly and talkative. A great little place!Unlike food places near me.

Naan-N-Curry in San Francisco, CA — I visited this place because it was near my hotel and I really wanted to eat Indian food. Walking in the closest placeturned out to be a wise idea. When you see that lots of Indians are eating at a place, you know it is going to be the real stuff. The dish that I ordered, called Naan, was bigger than my face and only for $1, the curries came also on a large plate and are spicy and full of flavor. I’m not expert in Indian food, but this was very good. Some of the best from nearby restaurants. That time it was near my hotel, not home, but still it is nice to discover places to eat near me.

The Old Siam Thai Restaurant in San Francisco, CA — I’m quite picky about my Thai food, as I used to live inThailand. I’m always filled with disappointment, because nothingreally compares to Thai restaurants, from those that I’ve tried in the United States. I was always looking for the restaurant near me, which would be as good in Thai food, as those in Thailand. This restaurant was some of the best I’ve had outside Thailand. With very traditional menu, that was really close to what you’d get there. So Ihighly recommend it for Thai food lovers from me.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que  in Kansas City, MO — I tried lots of BBQ restaurants during my journey. When I entered the KC, I was told many times to “Go to Joe’s!” so I went there, twice…I was even more pleased than I expected. I tried their famous Z-Man brisket sandwich, their pulled pork was the best. Their BBQ sauce was perfect and suddenly I understood why everyone kept going coming there. The food as good that I will not even mention the long waits. Like some foodnear me, the place is nearly perfect, but waiting time is something incorrigible.




Tilt IN Portland, OR — at this place, they are serving giant burgers and fries. This bar has an outdoor patio. The food is delicious and the bar has a wide selection of micro-brew beer. But if you don’t like beer,the bartenders can make very normal cocktails too. It’s one of my favorite hangout places while I’m in town.

Sushi Ota in San Diego, CA — sushi place! And this was the best sushi I had during my trip. I will try to make you imagine: The torothat melts in your mouth, the uni that bursts with flavor, and the live shrimp, that seems to be moving when you eat it. The master chefs will keep serving you food until you tell them to stop. This was traditional Japanese sushiand is easily one of my top five sushi meals I’ve ever had.

The United States has lots of delicious food. Of course, I couldn’t visit all of them, not even most of them, during my trip, but I describe real good ones. So if you too visit any of these cities or travel across the country, don’t miss a chance to get the delicious firsthand experience.