Italian Restaurants Near Me



If you love Italian food and cuisine than this article written for you, we have questioned many people , visited many restaurants in New-York and then decided to list best Italian restaurants in this article, you will receive all important information about Italian food here. There are many Italian restaurants near me, I live in New-York and because of that I have big choice of restaurants, but I prefer Italian restaurants to eat my favorite food, they have many types of food, you will be able to get dinner, breakfast and all types of food and cuisine here, they also have very good desert choice like cakes and donuts, maybe you love to eat Papa John’s pizza? I love it too but I can’t say that it is made better than in Italian food places that we have listed here, sometimes it is very difficult to choose best food places due to very big choice of restaurants, but I can guarantee that you will find restaurant of your dream in this post, so let’s get started, this is list of best Italian restaurants in New-York:

Carmen’s Cafe
This restaurant is unique place to taste Italian food, Actually it is wooden made bar, you will find amazing atmosphere here, nice acoustic, very interesting style of lighting and employers that are very experienced, you will feel here as if you was in your sweet home, in this restaurant not only Italian food is available, they mixed it with Mexican cuisine and Chinese food, because of that this food is unique and very tasty, if you have romantic meeting than this place is heaven for you, every nice girl will feel here very comfortable, everything is made for your pleasure here, you will not hear loud voices here and nothing will bother you during your meeting, Carmen’s Café is one of the best Italian restaurants near me, I can say this definitely, I hope that I give you good advice and you will enjoy during your visit here, food, drink, atmosphere and everything is just amazing here.

Paulo and Bill
This Italian restaurant is amazing for group meetings, if you and your friend are tired from work and everyday life than this place is made for you and your friends, here you will find classic Italian food, very enjoyable atmosphere and nice people who will serve your requests and none will bother you, prices are above normal but it is not big problem if you have many friends, personally I love to eat pizza and drink beer here during holidays, I live in New-York, this place is very good but sometimes it is very boring to live here because of so many people and cars, also I love Italian cuisine, Paulo and Bill will make you and your stomach pleased with their amazing classical Italian food, I wish you to have good time in this amazing food place.

The North End
This restaurant have very big history, it was found 90 years ago, even today they have all traditional Italian food in their menu, they have amazing seafood menu, you will enjoy to eat lobster or sushi in this food place, but you must know that if you love pasta menu it is very expensive here, everything is very tasty in this Italian restaurant, atmosphere is also good but price is bad site of this place, they have very big authority in the eyes of people because of their traditional unique food and people are ready to spent big money while they are in this restaurant, staff here is very nice and experienced, they can advice you what food is better for you, you and your partners will fill very comfortable in this place, maybe this is only place where traditions take place, you can’t find here Chinese food, thai food, Greece food or cuisines of other countries, they have only Italian traditional food in their menu and this is main reason for being them one of the most popular Italian restaurants near me, you will enjoy this place to eat I can say this with 100 percent guarantee.


Cascone’s Italian Restaurant
This restaurant have very simple and relaxing atmosphere, you will not find any serious decorations, strong lighting or something like that here, maybe this is main advantage of this place, food is also very simple, main food here is salad and pizza, if you want to relax alone or with your partner, if you had very bad day or even week then this place is ideal for situations like that, I can’t say that this is best Italian restaurant near me now but sometimes I’m visiting this place with my best friend, we did not talk much when we are there, we just enjoy this simple and relaxing atmosphere and eat pizza or Italian salad, sometimes when everything is simple it makes feel good, so in average this is very good Italian restaurant, have a good time.

In this place people are not alone everyone have one or more friend with him, because if you are here that means you want to enjoy and have a good time with friend, eat many good Italian food, desert, drink amazing liquor made from Italian recipe and just have fun, last time when I visited this food place at the and I was very tired but also very pleased because me and my three friends had very good time, we was amazed about how good staff was here, they made everything for us, also music here is very good, retro stile music is very good for Italian restaurant , if you think so than you must visit Cupini’s restaurants, it is not most amazing place to eat Italian food but in some situations this place is just amazing, so this is the end of my post, I think I have listed every restaurants near me that had Italian cuisine gave me good experience and feelings that I did not forgot.