Restaurants Near Me Now




She said hello to us when we walked in Chaiwali, the Indian restaurant which she runs on the first floors of her brownstone in Harlem, Anita Trehan had two tables which she offered to us. All the other tables were taken. It was a busy Friday late night.


“I have this long table which is made from wood ,” Anita  said. “Or,” she continued, extending one arm toward to the staircase leading to a second  dining room, “I have this little beautiful table right there.” She sounded as if it were a big prize she had been saving for us as we were special guests for her.


Now, this table is in the right  corner. It looks very nice, then  our delicious samosas and smoked eggplant arrived, it became clear that we were in amazing place to eat fast food or Chinese food. It was amazing place and what is amazing too it was nearest restaurant to us now. Owner of this fast food and Chinese food restaurant was very good person, she was chief of restaurant and this restaurant had very good cuisine, I was excited when I eat thai food and deserts near me.

Once I tried to find best restaurants near me now but all places that I found was good too but not very good, I love to eat Italian food or Mexican food but it is important that how this food are made, not everyone knows how to cook good food, I can make Chinese food or deserts but it will not be delicious because I did not know cooking well, my nearby restaurants are also good, I have Mcdonalds here and also Papa John’s pizza, I love to eat both of them but I prefer to eat in Mexican restaurants, they have good food delivery too, my friends also like how this food tastes, but I must say that if I was trying to find restaurants near me now then I also will look at Greece food near me, because this is very tasty too, Italian cuisine are also very good, they have pizza which is best in the world, if you want to find fast food near you you must try Mdonalds or Wendy’s, they are both good and also KFC restaurants,  when I was to find restaurants near me I prefer to order from places to eat where their service includes food delivery too, because I’m lazy and did not want to leave my house when I’m hungry, once when I was trying to find restaurants nearby I have searched in google that, lot of food places appeared on my screen but best one was Thai Food, this type of food includes Sushi, which is very delicious.


When people are in food business their main goal is to cook food which is very tasty and better then others, not everyone can do this, some food tastes like it is cooked very bad, it does not matter food is Italian or Chinese, main thing is it must be delicious for everyone, or let’s say for most of people, some restaurants near me now are good but some aren’t if you will eat something in this type of restaurants you will not be pleased and will not return in future here, it is very important that restaurant must have food delivery to be comfortable for all type of people, I don’t know which type of food you prefer or which type of restaurant you like but for me fast food restaurants are best, I love to eat steak but I prefer to eat hamburgers and sandwiches from Mcdonalds.


Right now I live in New York city, here we have all types of food and restaurants, you will find Chinese food, Italian food, Mexican food, Greece food and many more here, it is just depends on you which one you will eat, but I can guarantee that if this restaurants are high class restaurants you will enjoy all this type of food, all of them have unique ingredients like potatoes, breed, fish and many more, but most important thing how they are made, if they are not cooked well you will not be thankful and will not eat this food in this food places any time in future, in overall I can say that restaurants near me now are very good and I’m very happy that I’m living in New York which have best fast food services in the world, they all are trustable places to eat, you will not find any bad signs in their foods, because they are high class restaurants.

She made restaurant to make us happy, it was all about pleasure for guests, because of that her restaurants are successful and trustable for people like me and all people who lives in united states, everyone here loves donuts , hamburgers and fast food, because of that she included all this types of food in her restaurant menu and I’m happy about that, anytime I can get here with taxi and enjoy eating food that I love and like.


Downstairs of her restaurant is very calm and romantic, this is beautiful places for business meetings and romantic meetings, cuisine here includes only best food and atmosphere here is very relaxing, you will feel very comfortable here, I’m not saying that this is best restaurant that I have seen, it have his bad signs too like very long stairs which leads to first floor, but it is only very little mistake, in overall I can recommend this place, because it is one of the best restaurant near me now, thank you all for reading my article but if you did not find out yet it is just for big G, not for you.