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In the United States the largest part of the ethnic nourishment appears to come from Mexico, including 62% of the FDM index ( food, drug and mass index) without Wal-Mart sales.  Nevertheless, extention of the Mexican food market started to delay in 2009–2010. We can group Mexican foods by the regions from which they are produced:

1) Northern cuisine –  comprises products from north Mexico. Restaurants in my area, which offer Northern cuisine mostly cook beef, wheat, and cheese (common meals are machaca, arrachera, milanesa, pepitos  and cabrito);

2) Oaxacan cuisine includes dishes from the city of Oaxaca. Oaxacan food is mainly based on staples such as corn, beans and chile peppers (popular dishes are tlayudas ,triqueschapulines, and seven notable varieties of mole sauce); This kind of cuisine is offered by many Restaurants Near Me.

3) Yucatan cuisine icorporates dishes coming from the Yucatan peninsula, many of the ingredients are traditionally used in Mayan cooking including corn, chocolate, wild turkey, squash, chiles and tomatoes, with some European ingredients such as pork and oranges from the Spanish and edam cheese from the Dutch. Yucatan cuisine differs from traditional Mexican cuisine, this is due to the Yucatan region’s geographic isolation from other parts of Mexico and its European, Middle Eastern influences.

One of the most common feature of the Yocatan food served in restaurants near me is its reddish color. Their popular fast food near me is called cochinita pibil;

4) Mexican city food products- with well-known popular dishes barbacoa, Chicharrones, birriacabrito, pambazos, carnitas, and different types of moles,

5) Cuisine of the western Mexico -items from west part of Mexico City, which includes several kinds of fish.

6) Veracruz cuisine- from the Gulf of Mexico. Veracruz food restaurants near me use many types of tropical fruits, Ground beef tacos,  corn tortillas, different types of beans, burritos, and tostadas. Mexican food is well-known as it has a  great value for the price, its hot and spicy, and and whats more important harmless and good for children. Veracruz food is the most poppular in family restaurants near me.



According to the official datas there are 43139 Chinese restaurants working in the United States, which exceeds the number of any other domestic fast food restaurants around me , like McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s .

China has a large territory inhabited by various  nationalities and races , that’s why Chinese cuisine is exceptionally rich and possesses diverse culinary tradition worldwide. We can categorize Chinese food according to the regional area, where they are produced, namely Canton, Hunan or Szechuan, Shanghai and Beijing.

Canton cuisine is cuisine of the southern part that is characterised by the following cooking techniques: frying, blistering, steaming, and poaching- all of them are widely used in good restaurants near me.  The list of the traditional dishes include Cantonese chow mein-which means stir-fried noodles, sweet and sour Pork, Peking Roasted Duck, Spring Rolls, Dumplings and egg rolls, also Gong Bao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Chinese steamed eggs, delicious congee with  pork and eggs, Spinach Noodles, Fried Mashi, frog legs with lotus leaves,Cold Vegetable Dish, Mutton Stew, Cold Mixed Tofu and Pineapple Aloe Vera, Sweet and Sour Eggplant and stir-fried  gourd with dried shrimp and noodles.

Shanghai food tradition comes from the eastern part of China. It is very delicate, sweet in flavor and fatless, without too much oil and grease. Traditional dishes offered in Restaurants Near Me are Sheng Jian-the delicious meat pie inside the dumpling,Soup bun(Xiaolongbao), Braised Hairy Crabs (crab is a must food in local Shanghai people’s family) Yellow mud snail, Lion’s head Meatballs , Nian Cake with Spare-ribs,Yang Chow fried rice, Salt and Pepper Spareribs, Shanghai noodles, shrimp in egg whites, Shanghai smoked fish, Babaofan (Eight-treasures rice pudding) and Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce. One thing i can say is that Shanghai food is the most appetizing food near me now.

Beijing food – cuisine of the northern part of China-is characterised by flavorful, elegant dishes that are strong, spicy, and use a lot of garlic. Chinese restaurants working in Beijing, serve the following  traditional dishes: Peking duck-combination of crisp, lacquered skin and meat, sliced and then rolled up in thin pancakes with dark fermented sauce, slivers of white leek, and strips of cucumber, also Zha Jiang Noodles,  beggar’s chicken, shuan yang rou-scalded mutton,cold pig’s ear in delicious paste, Jiaozi- boiled crescent dumplings, fish prepared with five spice powder, Xian Bing- cheering street snack that consists of wheat dough wrapped around a variety of fillings, sea cucumber with eggs, abalone with peas and fish sauce,  sesame egg cake, sheep’s intestine filled with blood, orange beef and shaomai. So visit nice restaurants near me and have a bite to eat  the most delicious Beijing food.

Hunan or Szechuan cuisine comes from the western  region of the country. restaurants close to me which offer this type of cuisine are caracterised by using hot, and spicy flavors: chili,  different spices, peppers and herbs. There are many Restaurants Near Me which prepare traditional  Szechuan dishes like hot and sour soup, Hunan chicken, twice-cooked pork, Beer duck, Kung Pao chicken, Smoky flavours steamed together, Steamed fish head in chili sauce, tea-smoked duck, Mapo tofu,Mashed shrimp in lotus pod, Sichuan hotpot, Lotus seeds in rock sugar syrup, Fuqifeipian, Shredded pork with vegetables, Dandan noodles, Homemade-style bean curd, Cured ham with cowpeas and bon-bon chicken. All these dishes are also cooked in take out restaurants near me.

Traditional Chinese food culture is characterised by being liberal and boundless in the choice of products, with various and abundant savours,  use of oil in cooking, exquisite in appearance, and also use different of spices. We should say that, Chinese cuisine common in the United States differs from the original one as it has been “Americanized” , as a rule Chinese food near my location  is  less strong is smell and taste than its authentic recipes, and have higher levels of MSG. The consumers of Chinese delivery restaurants near me especially like the fact that their meals are handy for carry-out, appropriate for vegetarians, and marked by highly varied tastes. it should be noted that, some American clients of Chinese Restaurants Near Me suffer from “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,” which shows its results in symptoms varying from strong headaches to depression, all caused by “Americanized” Chinese dishes as they carry high levels of MSG.




In 1987, Italian food culture started to expand as a result of the strong link between immigrants from Italy and other communities . Ettore Boiardi produced a huge number of canned Italian food and created different types of items through the Chef Boyardee Food Products. His main target included children of the Baby Boomers (people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom) and their suburban mothers. Somehow, in the 1920s,  Americans ( the middle class) didn’t know much about  the Italian cuisine. By the 1930s, Italian restaurants  promoted Italian food as an “experience,” not just dining, and transformed their dishes to satisfy the demands of the American market. By the 1930s, nearly 10000 Italian restaurants were opened in New York City, most of them undecorated with ordinary italian interiors. Only after the 1970s Italian dishes started to become popular in the US . So nowadays everyone can try Italian take out food near me.