Thai Food Near Me


Hello dear reader, today I will talk about Thai Food, which is one of the best in whole world, I live in USA, but this is not a big problem, there are many restaurants near me and many of them are Thai restaurants, Thai food have unique taste and it is one of the best, I will talk about best Thai dishes today, so let’s get started. Pad Thai is very good Thailand dish, it have very exotic taste, I love it and eat it when I have a chance, but problem is that in many restaurants it is made very wrongly , so it is very important to eat this dish in proper restaurant and not in any food place that offers this dish, in overall I can give this Thai food 8.5 out of 10 points for amazing taste that it have. Now let’s talk about Spring Rolls which is my favorite, it is made from very simple recipe but it is most amazing Thai food in my opinion, but you must know that without chill sauce it will lost it’s unique taste, you can get 5 dishes for 50 cents, it is very cheap and very tasty, because of that Spring Rolls deserved 9 points out of 10. Red Pork Noodle Soup (Kuay Teow Moo Daeng) is favorite Thai food for many people, it have no alternatives, this soup is made from very hard process, because of that sadly you will not find this Thai food in American restaurants, it only found in Thailand , I can’t say that you must visit Thailand because of this one single type of food but if you will be in They you must eat this amazing dish because it’s your only chance to taste this food, Thailand is only country where this food is made, I live in new York and wanted to order this dish in my home but I can not because no single restaurant offers this service, restaurants near me are good but they have their disadvantages, Thai food near me are very good, tasty and unique but this dish is not there, sadly. Now I will talk about Thai omelette which is my favorite breakfast, it contains egg mixed with chilies and fish sauce which is cooked in Thailand oil, because of this amazing recipe this food is my favorite Thai food for breakfast, my only friend also likes this dish very much, he was amazed when first tasted this food, in Thailand many people have this dish for their breakfast and I’m like this people. Happily all Thai food near me contains this dish, so I can eat it when I want and where I want, I’m happy because I live in this amazing place. Pad Kra Pao is dish made from chicken, no every thai food is made from chicken but this one is exception, because of that I love this dish, it have very specific taste , but it is only good if you are not too hungry because it is very lite food, once when I was looking thai food near me I found this dish and wanted to test it’s taste, first I was not pleased but when I ended eating I was in very good mood, in overall it is very good Thai food which is made from chicken and some amazing ingredients and recipe. Thai chicken soup is my favorite soup which is made from chicken and herbs which is found only in Thailand , but our high class nearby restaurants and food places have this food in their menus, when I want to find Thai food near me I always go to restaurants nearby and only than I eat my favorite Thai food, sometimes I eat this soup,  but sometimes I eat dishes that I have talk about already, this soup is best in the world I think so, thai food is amazing, very tasty and also very specific and exotic. One of the last dishes is Pad See Ew which is made from eggs and cooked noodles, and also with bok choy. The noodles are darkened with sauce that adds this noodles lots of flavor, because this Thai food looks amazing  and of course very tasty, I can’t live without food like this, when I go to eat Thai food near me I’m happy because it is one of the best cuisines in the world, after Mexican food Thailand food is best, some people prefer Italian food and some did not care about from what cuisine food is made, they just love fast food like Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, KFC and food places like this, it is their choice but I think if man knows taste of all countries food than he can choose best food for his companion in restaurants, in overall we can say that if I want to find Thai food near me I choose this dishes that I have mentioned in my big G article, it is your choice but it will be good if you will taste this amazing dishes, thank you for enjoying reading my article about Thai food and have a nice day.